About us

Our Heritage

DoDo products remain very consistent to the standards kept when the small family business began. The DoDo fish ball, in particular, is considered a leading brand. It is known for its fresh taste and the goodness of its bite, which the perfect texture and bounciness that Singaporeans have come to love and enjoy. As a meal or as a snack, Singaporeans have chosen DoDo because of its healthy protein rich content and its low cholesterol. Whether in terms of goodness or benefits to the health, DoDo stands as the guiltless choice; Singaporeans say its "So Good, So Enjoy”.


Our History

What started as a small operation in the backyard of the family home in 1976 has grown to become Singapore’s prefered brand in fish balls. In the beginning, the entire family was responsible for the fish ball production. Currently, DoDo food products are made possible by a workforce of more than 300 . To date, our base factory can produce more than 60 varieties of fish-based products, distributed all around the world.


Our Accolades

DoDo has grown to be a trusted brand worldwide. Produced by Thong Siek Global (TSG), DoDo is made by the first fish ball manufacturer in Singapore to attain the HACCP and Halal Certifications. The company also obtained the EU license for export to the EU market. In 2015, TSG attained the prestigious Gold Award from AVA for achieving Grade A in hygiene standard for 15 consecutive years. This is a FIRST in the fish ball manufacturing industry, an assurance to all DoDo lovers that all DoDo products keep a high standard. More than the awards and recognition, what we treasure most are the personal reviews, from home cooks who trust only DoDo, or parents who appreciate DoDo as a good snack for their kids. We keep things fresh and good with all of you in mind.